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3 Reasons Why Virtualizing your Fax Infrastructure Can’t Wait

Many organizations have already kicked off their digital transformation, while many finalize their strategy before launching their efforts. But some communication services, like fax, don’t make the list for many reasons such as tight budgets, changing priorities and established workflows.

Now, more than ever, is the time to make sure your fax service is accounted for in your digital transformation strategy, and you may not have much time left. Here are three reasons why you should no longer delay moving your fax to the cloud.

Reason 1: Carriers are pulling the plug on analog lines

On August 2, 2022, an FCC order came into effect, allowing carriers to stop maintaining aging infrastructure and discontinue analog services. This means carriers can begin a three-year phase out of their copper-based services. Many have already begun notifying customers, leaving them little time to find viable alternatives. In fact, carriers need only give customers a 30- to 60-day notice before disconnecting them from their copper services. It’s therefore vital for organizations such as hospitals and financial organizations to start assessing their fax workflows and determine alternative IP fax technologies that best suit their needs.

Reason 2: Business Activities Need to Continue no Matter the Circumstance

We now know that even a pandemic can’t put the world on pause. Patients need caring, people buy homes, credit approvals need to be processed – so your workflows can’t fail you. Having a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place with an infrastructure that your business can count on is crucial. Moving your fax to the cloud provides your telecommunications with high availability and redundancy, so if one site goes down, the other kicks in, without you missing a beat.

Reason 3: Budgets are Tight

In a time where inflation and labour shortage are on everyone’s minds, organizations need to cut spend and choose technology wisely. Virtualizing your fax and telecommunications infrastructure represents significant cost savings. With IP, you no longer need to maintain a physical infrastructure or pay for costly analog service. IT personnel is also not required for supporting your fax service since you can rely on your IP fax service provider for technical support.

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