RightFax: Flexible Telephony Options for Any Scenario

Telephone infrastructure and telephony management can be one of the most complex portions of a fax solution implementation. Learn how the flexible telephony options available with RightFax can ensure the optimal and secure delivery of your business-critical faxes.

Getting Started with Fax Telephony

To securely transmit documents via telephony or fax machines, RightFax leverages three basic technologies that support document data flow:

  • Analog (POTS)
  • IP-Based (SIP)
  • Digital (PRI / T1)

Understanding the capabilities of your current phone system and how it connects to your carrier will help you determine the optimal path for delivery to and from RightFax.

Below, each row provides an example of how your telephone system could be configured with RightFax:

Remember, the technology you select should not only be based on your current infrastructure but also based on any future Cloud-based initiatives. RightFax can be separated from existing telephony systems and connected directly to a T.38 optimized SIP Trunk provider, segmenting fax traffic from voice systems. This can simplify any future migration of legacy telephone systems to VoIP or SaaS voice solutions.

 Get Started with RightFax Telephony Options

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