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Learn how T38Fax offers astoundingly reliable T.38 Fax Over IP call termination and origination that is competitively priced, making them suitable to everyone from the largest telecommunications carriers to the single home office fax machine.

Get Rid of Fax Boards, Gateways, and PSTNs

Businesses need to minimize operational costs such as installing, configuring, and maintain physical phone lines and PBX connections for each office. RightFax supports SIP trunking with T38Fax to send and receive faxes using remote phone lines accessed via the Internet.

Organizations that choose T38Fax can deploy RightFax without:

  • In-house fax boards
  • Fax gateways
  • Switched telephone network (PSTN) lines

SIP Trunking allows fax traffic to be routed over an organizations existing IP network using either the T.38 or G.711 protocol. The endpoint for these RightFax SIP Trunks can be the organization’s VoIP PBX, a Fax Gateway or a cloud fax service provider where the fax will be delivered over the PTSN.

Why T38Fax?

The first key to T38Fax’s success is that they don’t simply re-sell the broken T.38 support our upstream carriers offer them, but instead, they’ve taken the time to build their own high-quality, feature-complete, and broadly compatible T.38 Fax Over IP stack. Their customers interoperate with that single T.38 stack across all calls, no matter how the call is routed on their side, and they’re continuously improving their T.38 technology to handle all of the weird and wonderful situations their customers encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Second, they realize that without ECM Error Correction you can’t be sure the image is identical on both sides … so you no longer truly have a facsimile. They make sure ECM is turned on in their equipment, and they’ll help you confirm it’s enabled on their side as well.

Finally, customers enjoy unlimited free support from highly trained, experienced fax industry professionals who bring a wealth of fax knowledge to the table. They don’t troubleshoot failed faxes as a failed voice call, they dig in deep and come out with the answer using science, not superstition.

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