Intelligent Fax Processing with the Power of AI

Fax enabled you to streamline the transmission of documents. Now let us help you streamline the processing of your received documents.

  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Patient Care
  • Eliminate Low-Value Processes
  • Automate Patient Association

By adding AI-driven processing and automated data extraction capabilities to your RightFax system, we can help make inbound fax processing inefficiencies a thing of the past.


“The fact that the documents no longer need to be entered manually into the system means huge time savings for us…”
— Norbert Benzer, Business Process Manager at Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials


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Experience the Difference:
Intelligent Fax Processing

AI-driven intelligent fax processing can revolutionize the way faxed documents are processed, enabling organizations to streamline their workflows, enhance data accuracy, and maximize resource utilization.

What is Intelligent Fax Processing?

Intelligent Fax Processing Solution is a cutting-edge advancement in document processing that uses advanced AI-powered OCR and supervised machine learning to quickly recognize and extract data from a variety of document types with as few as one sample.

This significantly accelerates time-to-value for business processes and workflows, including invoices, mortgage applications, claims, contracts, records, mail, background checks, and other important transactions.

Why use Intelligent Fax Processing?

Advanced Classification & Routing: Effortlessly categorize and route incoming faxes with our intelligent classification system. Streamline document management processes and ensure timely delivery to the right departments.

AI-Driven Intelligent Data Extraction: Eliminate manual data entry with our advanced data extraction capabilities. Extract key information from documents automatically, reducing errors and accelerating document processing.

Simplified Patient Intake and Referral Process: Tailored specifically for the healthcare industry, our solution simplifies patient intake and referral processes. Enhance the efficiency of healthcare workflows while maintaining compliance and accuracy.

The Future of Fax: AI-Driven Intelligent Fax Processing

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“We’ve seen great efficiency gains, increased productivity and time savings… Scanning and document recognition automation has made this a faster process for our users…What used to take about 4 hours now only takes about 10 minutes.” — Manager, University

How does Intelligent Fax Processing work?

Our AI-driven fax processing solution can automate and accelerate document processing in any organization with:

Inbound Document Image Processing

Multiple OCR engines, like Google Cloud Vision, analyze all text, including handwritten information on received faxes, for automatic analysis by our AI-powered processing engine

AI-Powered Document Classification

The AI Classification Engine analyzes faxes to identify document types based on structure, keywords, and indicators. It can also split multiple documents within a single fax transmission for independent processing.

Advanced Patient Information Extraction

The AI Engine identifies and extracts important patient information. This information will be validated later by a person and used to automatically deliver the document to the EMR or Practice Management System

Human-in-the-Loop Validation & Review

To ensure accurate association of incoming clinical documents with patient records, a person should review the data prior to final delivery to the EMR.

An intuitive interface allows staff to quickly review batches of documents and resolve any exceptions prior to releasing the batch for automated delivery.

Flexible Automated Delivery

Using industry standards, such as HL7 FHIR, the clinical document is delivered to the EMR system such as Epic, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, and more.

With our Intelligent Fax Processing Solution, you can embrace the future of document management. Contact us today to explore the limitless possibilities of efficient document processing and fax handling

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