RightFax Encryption Module

Prevent any and all unauthorized access to fax images by encrypting faxes at rest.

Encrypting Faxes at Rest | Duration: 01:07

The extra layer of protection provided by the RightFax Encryption Module adds even more security to a RightFax fax server implementation.

Add-On Module

Encrypting your Faxes at Rest with the RightFax Encryption Module

  • Encrypt all fax images with TripleDES 192-bit security
  • Supports image storage encryption with both RightFax Image Directory or SQL Image Storage Module
  • Promotes HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant policies for the exchange of protected or sensitive information
  • Prevents unauthorized users from accessing fax images in a manner that isn’t audited by RightFax

Information security remains one of the most significant concerns for organizations worldwide. Internal breaches and external threats plague all businesses, but those that exchange protected, confidential and private information are particularly at risk. The extra layer of protection provided by the RightFax Encryption Module adds even more security to a RightFax fax server implementation.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Encrypting fax images at rest can protect your organization from unauthorized access to data from anyone who has permissions and the ability to bypass the full audit capabilities of RightFax. While RightFax provides a full audit trail, RightFax can only audit access of faxes if they are viewed through the system.

  • Administrators can accidentally or unintentionally access information by browsing the stored PHI file directly, leaving your organization at risk for fines.
  • Computer hardware sent for repair or discarded can contain PHI which can be accessed by repair technicians or the new hardware user
  • On-boarding or training processes may unintentionally give system users access to file system storage

With the Encryption Module, access to encrypted images is only allowed from the RightFax client through the RightFax API, and a full audit trail is collected. 

Encrypt Faxes at Rest

Add a layer of protection for fax images by encrypting all fax images at rest while they are stored in the RightFax Image Directory or SQL Image Storage Module. This module adds a layer of security by preventing any unauthorized viewing of fax images in the RightFax Image Directory structure.

Improved Compliance

With AES 256-bit security, your fax images are encrypted at rest to satisfy information security or regulatory requirements PCI DSS or HIPAA.

End-to-End Protection

RightFax Encryption Module and Secure SIP Channels together will protect your faxes both at rest and in transit providing you with the highest security all the way down.

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