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RightFax Corporate Fax Software

Eliminate manual work, physical devices and phone lines!

Modern Corporate faxing to and from your computer

RightFax is for organizations using modern applications that still need to send and receive faxes.

  • Handles large faxes (Patient Records)
  • Secure HIPPA Faxing
  • Digital Signatures
  • Easy as email, accessible anywhere
  • 100% Software – No physical devices
  • You get world class support

In 2 mins see how you can modernize and secure faxing

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Fax Virtually Anything without Printing Paper!

(Have to wet sign documents, you can fax those too from any scanner)



Business Applications

Web Clients


Desktop Client

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Automatically Route Faxes to Computers!

Receive faxes to your dedicated virtual fax number or a group number.

  • You choose your format (PDF, Tiff, GiF etc)
  • You choose your destination (email, file folder, EMR application etc)
  • Make paper based workflows electronic
  • Distribute faxes to teams
  • Index and add Meta Data
  • Multiple destination delivery
  • Route directly to applications (ie Patient faxes to the Patient Record)

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