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IP Fax for Healthcare Providers

Solving the Six Most Pressing Technology Challenges

Though faxing remains a necessary and established protocol in healthcare facilities, not all fax technologies are equal. Legacy fax machines hooked to aging phone lines can lead to aggravations like missed faxes, privacy lapses and mounting maintenance costs.

Store-and-forward solutions, while practical in some cases, are not suitable for many healthcare offices. They can lead to delivery delays and false-positive notifications to the sender and require specialized servers that add other failure points. They also can complicate HIPAA compliance due to “data-at-rest” risks and concerns resulting from the use of a “middleman” device operated by the service provider. As such, those systems require the negotiation of a business associates agreement (BAA) to ensure data privacy and preserve HIPAA compliance.

However, healthcare providers should know they are no longer limited to paper-fax technology (also known as walk-up faxing) using legacy fax machines and phone lines. IP (Internet protocol) fax technologies can transmit data through fax servers and be integrated with back-office systems if necessary. Real-time IP fax lines are replacing aging, costly analog phone lines to provide a secure, scalable, efficient and cost-effective alternative.

Download our eBook today to learn why faxing remains popular among healthcare providers, and how real-time IP fax systems address those needs and challenges with affordable, secure, digital technology.

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