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Say Hello to the Latest Version of RightFax

In May 2024, RightFax 16.6 will enter sustaining maintenance. This means it’s time to look into upgrading your organization’s RightFax system in order to continue receive the most up-to-date security patches, fixes, features, and new add-ons.

Upgrading your organization’s RightFax system is no small decision. Many existing deployments consist of intricate telephony infrastructures, multiple gateways, and third-party integrations, all connected to one or more on-premise fax servers. In addition to a complex system architecture, your organization may face unique security and compliance requirements that its fax system must meet.

Deciding whether to upgrade your fax system can seem like a daunting endeavor, but by walking through the key considerations and benefits of upgrading your system, you can evaluate your needs before making the leap:

Does your organization still receive support when something goes wrong with your current system?

If your organization is using a legacy version of RightFax (16.6 or older), your system is under
“Sustaining Maintenance.” This means there is no longer any core development to your system including new service packs or software patches.

The time spent fixing problems such as product defects and disrupted functionality can be significantly prolonged, preventing your business-critical workflows from processing correctly.

By upgrading your RightFax system, you ensure your organization is using a supported RightFax version that receives the latest updates and patches that may be essential to the overall health of your operating environment.

Does your fax environment meet and comply with the laws and regulations that are applicable to your organization such as JITC or HIPAA?

Preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information is a top priority for organizations in any field. Data breaches, incomplete audit trails and insecure systems can expose sensitive information that can lead to downtime, regulatory censure or fines and penalties. The latest versions of RightFax include the ability to encrypt faxes both at rest and in motion, creating tamper-resistant fax workflows that help ensure your organization maintains, and in some cases exceeds, compliance requirements.

If your organization is required to comply with the standards of HIPAA, JITC or NIST, upgrading your RightFax system can help ensure you maintain a complete audit trail and good standing within the regulations that oversee your field.

Do you have MFPs, EMRs or EHRs, and third-party applications that have not been integrated with your RightFax system?

Implementing and integrating critical applications and tools into a singular workflow can seem like an unachievable task, but with new powerful connectors, modules and APIs available with RightFax, virtually any application including EMRs, CRMs, and MFPs can be easily integrated.

RightFax can integrate with business-critical applications in a variety of ways. Native connectors for Epic and Allscripts have been recently introduced, streamlining the integration of those EMRs with RightFax. For organizations using other EHRs or EMRs, the RightFax Web and COM APIs offer methods for integrating with virtually any third-party application such as McKesson, eClinicalWorks or eClinicalworks. By upgrading to the latest version of RightFax, your developers can use the extensive library of sample code and documentation to develop custom integrations to fit your needs.

Dedicated connectors exist for MFPs such as HP, Ricoh, Xerox and Konica Minolta, and a universal MFP connector allows for integration with virtually any remaining MFPs. Using a connector helps eliminate the need for dedicated fax lines or extra fax boards and gateways by leveraging your organization’s existing IP infrastructure.

Upgrading RightFax is an important project for any organization that relies on fax for document delivery. Remember, these considerations, enhancements and new features can feel overwhelming without an expert to guide you through the unique requirements of your organization’s RightFax system.

With over 1000 RightFax installations and over 25 years’ experience, Advantage has a proven track record that speaks for itself. Our experience means that we know all the hidden secrets and undocumented settings that will make your upgrade successful. We will be there from the planning stages all the way through to cut over.

To learn more about how your organization can upgrade its RightFax system and benefit from the newest and latest features, please reach out to a RightFax Expert today.

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